You seem to have an extremely large bag today, Mr Lynch.

—Whelk, talking to Ronan and Gansey before Latin class

Barrington Whelk
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Barrington Whelk






The Virginia Playboy (former)

Kind: Human

Latin teacher at Aglionby Academy
Student at Aglionby Academy (alum)


Mr. Whelk (father)
Mrs. Whelk (mother)

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Barrington Whelk was a Latin teacher and former student at Aglionby Academy. Whelk was the main antagonist of The Raven Boys.


Ever since his teen years, Barrington Whelk had been seeking a way to wake the ley line that runs through Henrietta, Virginia. While at Aglionby, he enlisted the help of his best friend and roommate Noah Czerny. It had started as a game, a treasure hunt; having come from money like most Aglionby students, he saw it as an expensive exercise, with the ley line as the playing field. However, the search had come to a standstill when they realized that they needed a ritual sacrifice, but were not sure of the process. with the very public arrest of Whelk's father, and

The catalyst came when his father was arrested for unethical business practices and income tax invasion; his company had been trading with war criminals, and his mother had known about it. Barrington was stripped of his prestigious Aglionby status and relieved of all his material possessions, including his car.

Reeling from the loss of his family's entire fortune, Whelk made a final desperate push to perform the ritual. He believed that he could become enormously rich if he could control the ley line, and thus saw a path to getting his old life back. He used Noah as the sacrifice, killing him with a blow to the head using a skateboard. After the sacrifice failed to wake the ley line, he left Noah's body in the woods. He continued his search for years, though he did not confide in anyone else about his quest.

Seven years later, Barrington started working as a Latin teacher at Aglionby Academy. 


Whelk viewed himself as a sort of cool guy leader figure when he was in school. He liked to think he had it all—money, a girlfriend, money, Czerny's girlfriend, and money. As a twenty-something, he just saw himself as a personification of his obsessions and quarter-life crisis.

Whelk's favorite activities included drinking himself into oblivion, stealing from his students, eating dry hamburgers, feeling sorry for himself, and enjoying the provincial southern gothic of payphones.

Physical descriptionEdit

He had dramatically large features that made him look younger, with short black hair.


Trivia Edit

  • People often think his last name is Barrington, but that's really his first name.
  • He killed Noah by repeatedly bashing a skateboard into his cheek.
  • Some of his coworkers at Aglionby call him Barry.