Cabeswater Edit

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Cabeswater is a magical forest situated on the Ley Line that the teens discover in The Raven Boys. It is described multiple times as being inherently magical and ancient, with a sort of charged energy. In theory, Cabeswater is quite large, with easily changeable characteristics that, more often than not, attend to the needs of the teenagers. Inside, the forest has many magical features that the teenagers explore, such as a hollowed-out tree that shows the occupant visions.

The Trees Edit

She would never forget the sound of a tree speaking, or that day when she'd discovered that intelligent, alien creatures completely surrounded her.

—Blue Sargent, Blue Lily, Lily Blue

The trees in the forest are ancient and described as 'watchful' and 'wise.' This is probably due to the fact that the trees in Cabeswater communicate to the Raven Gang in Latin, and, later on, clumsy English. The trees are huge and aged, with an empowering rule in Cabeswater and a profound connection with magic. Most notably to Adam Parrish and Ronan Lynch, the trees often respond to the teenagers' wishes, such as providing daylight in Cabeswater when outside the forest it is nighttime in Henrietta.

Adam Parrish Edit

In the Raven Boys, Adam Parrish sacrifices himself to be Cabeswater's 'hands and eyes.' This consequently awakens the ley line, and establishes a deep, innermost connection between Adam and the forest. The sacrifice implies that Adam is to help the current of the ley line's energy flow, much like an electrical circut board. In doing so, Cabeswater remains strengthened.

Ronan Lynch Edit

In the Raven King, Ronan Lynch confesses to Adam Parrish that he created the physical form of Cabeswater. He did not create the magical abilities Cabeswater has, but he transformed it into a forest.