A secret killed your father and you know what it was.

—Calla, to Ronan when giving a reading.

Biographical Information
Full name:

Calla Lily Jonhson



Kind: Psychic

Psychic reader at 300 Fox Way
Unknown occupation at Aglionby Academy


300 Fox Way

Physical Description


Calla Lily Johnson is a psychic who lives at 300 Fox Way. She lives there with her best friends Maura and Persephone, as well as Maura's daughter Blue. Maura's sister Jimi, and Jimi's daughter, Orla.

Biography Edit

Calla met Maura Sargent and Persephone when all three of them were younger. They met on the side of the road, all three hitch hiking.


She is a confident, outspoken person who will not accept insolence from anyone. She has a special psychic ability called psychometry, where she can touch an object to reveal its origin, feel its owner's thoughts, and see places the thing has been.

Physical DescriptionEdit

Calla's skin is dark brown. She has four tiny coyotes tattooed running along her spine. She's also referred to as being 'not the thinnest woman on the planet', but is said to have impressive stomach muscles. Her hair is described by the Grey Man as looking purple in a certain light, but it is unknown whether she dyes it. Calla enjoys wearing lipsticks in unconventional shades, primarily plum.



  • She is the only one out of all the named psychics that has another job. This job involves filing things at Aglionby Academy.
  • She likes bacon and sausage.
  • When she has a bad work day, she gets herself a burrito.