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Colin Greenmantle
Biographical Information
Full name:

Colin Greenmantle

Age: Late 30'ies
Status: Deceased

The Professor (by Mr. Gray)




Collector of magical artifacts
Latin teacher at Aglionby Academy (former)


Henrietta, Virginia (short while)
Back Bay, Boston


Piper Greenmantle † (wife)
Laumonier (father-in-law)

Physical Description
Gender: Male
Hair color: Dark
Eye color: Aquamarine
Colin Greenmantle was officially introduced in Blue Lily, Lily Blue as an antagonist and former employer of Mr. Gray. He had been married to Piper Greenmantle. He was briefly mentioned several times in The Dream Thieves via phone conversations with Mr. Gray.

Biography Edit

Originally from Boston, Colin had been searching for supernatural artifacts to impress his wife for years. He hired Mr. Gray as a sort of bounty hunter / hit man to track down specific people and objects for him. He also has many other hired men, but they are all described as 'dimwitted minions' that are thuggish and rather incompetent. One of those desired things happens to be the greywaren, even though Colin doesn't know exactly what it is.

In Blue Lily, Lily Blue, Colin visits 300 Fox Way for a reading and puts everyone there on edge. He is there to find Maura to try and use her against Mr. Gray as punishment for his insubordination. Calla and Persephone agreed that he is "not to be touched."

He is hired as the new Latin teacher at Aglionby Academy, which he uses as a means to get closer to finding the greywaren. On his first day, he instantly recognizes Ronan Lynch as Niall Lynch's son.

Colin is the epitome of arrogant frat boy douche bag. Piper lovingly tries to stab him in the kitchen several times while eating grapes and cutting cheese, but decides against it because cleaning is not one of her talents.

Personality Edit

Colin was self-absorbed, snarky, vain, bitter and presumably a sadist. Despite this, he provided a lot of the humorous content in Blue Lily, Lily Blue. He had a double PhD and could be a very clever, cunning, and intimidating character, and is described as having a strong presence/demeanor. He is described by Blue Sargent as giving off the air of someone who "gets stuff done". Despite his personality that would say otherwise, Colin was very weak in the face of an actual challenge or danger, leaving that up to either his thugs or his wife. He didn't like to put himself in the way of a threat or get his hands dirty (e.g. not wanting to kill someone himself).

Physical description Edit

Colin is frequently described as being very handsome, with boyish good looks. He had bright aquamarine eyes, a snub nose, lots of tousled dark hair, flawless skin, and white teeth. He dressed similarly to a stereotypical Aglionby student (TopSiders, salmon colored pants, etc) so much that upon first meeting him, Blue Sargent mistakes him for a student.

Adam Parrish associates Colin's appearances with a picture of a man in an ad that he keeps in his glove box for inspiration.

Relationships Edit

Piper Greenmantle Edit

Piper's lust was like a single bear trap in the wilderness. It was nearly impossible to find if you were looking for it, but it was something you wanted to be prepared for if you stepped into it by accident.

—Colin on Piper

Colin had been married to Piper Greenmantle, an eventual antagonist in Blue Lily, Lily Blue. The two had a complicated relationship, but Colin did appear to love her, as he went to great lengths to obtain supernatural artifacts for her. Colin hadn't been a very attentive husband and objects to a lot of the things that Piper did (for example, buying a small dog) but usually wound up going along with/accepting whatever Piper threw at him. Colin was interested in doing things cleanly, in secret, and carried out by others so that things couldn't be traced back to him. Piper on the other hand, was willing to go out and do things herself, including killing. This was a personality difference that caused strain between the two while they're in Henrietta, with Piper wanting to jump into things head first and Colin wanting to stay behind the scenes. By the end of Blue Lily, Lily Blue, Colin had second thoughts about having had married Piper after she shot a man in front of him.

Appearances Edit

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