It will work. It worked in the dream, so it'll work now.

Ronan Lynch, The Dream Thieves

The Greywaren is a supernatural entity that is capable of bringing items back from dreams. Objects brought into reality by the Greywaren are often magical, dangerous or impossible, as the function is based on dream logic. It is mentioned in The Dream Thieves that the type of energy these objects use is called 'Dream Energy,' which is seemingly limitless and has no visible power source. It has also been proven possible for a Greywaren to bring back a live animal, person or beast, as shown with Ronan's pet raven, Chainsaw.

The living things brought back from dreams fall into a deep slumber if their creator dies.

The Barns Edit

The Barns is the name given to the Lynch's family home. It has deep connections with the Greywaren's supernatural capabilities, as Niall Lynch is described to have shaped much of the landscape and the luxuries the Lynch family grew up with. This includes a herd of sleeping cattle that Ronan Lynch describes as being like 'fairy cows.' There are other living animals, such as mice, that are rendered into a deep sleep because of Niall Lynch's death. This also includes Niall's dreamt wife, Aurora Lynch.

Much of the landscape and surrounding foliage is described as being dream-like, impossible and magical throughout the series.

Colin Greenmantle Edit

The supernatural artifact curator Colin Greenmantle sent out the Gray Man to retrieve the Greywaren, both of them believing that it was an object and not a person.

Known GreywarensEdit