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Henrietta. They're getting married. They haven't set a date yet.

—Helen, talking about Gansey.

Helen Gansey
Biographical Information
Full name:

Helen Gansey

Age: Early 20'ies
Status: Alive



Part-time wedding planner


Washington, D.C.


Richard Gansey II (father)
Mrs. Gansey (mother)
Richard Gansey III (brother)

Physical Description
Gender: Female
Hair color: Brown
Helen, is the older sister of Richard Gansey III. She is first introduced when she takes her brother, RonanAdam and Blue exploring in the helicopter.

Biography Edit

Personality Edit

Her snark is hilarious.

Physical descriptionEdit

She is a young woman with a straight nose and long brown hair.

Appearances Edit


  • Her birthday is the passcode for the garage at her mom and dad's house.
  • She can fly a helicopter.
  • She is often jokingly called an idiot by her brother and father.

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