"The thing was, Henrietta looked like a place where magic could happen. The valley seemed to whisper secrets." - Gansey, The Raven Cycle.

Henrietta is a fictional town in Virginia. Surrounded by mountains and forests, this rural town is know for its all-boys private school, Aglionby Academy, where Ronan Lynch, Gansey, Adam Parrish and Noah Czerny go to school. There are also many caves in and near Henrietta. Overrun by ley lines, Henrietta is prone to many supernatural and psychic occurences and visitors, who search for desirable objects of rare value. Before he was killed, Niall Lynch ran a profitable business off of these objects which later attracts dangerous people. In Henrietta can be found Nino's Pizza, where Blue works and where many Aglionby boys go to hang out. There is also 300 Fox Way, where Blue, Maura Sargent, Calla, Persephone, Jimi, Orla, and later Gwenllian and Artemus live.

Other locations include : Edit

  • St. Agnes, the church where Adam Parrish lives and Ronan Lynch goes to mass every Sunday.
  • Monmouth Manufacturing, the home of Gansey, Ronan, and Noah, located at 1136 Monmouth street.
  • Litchfield House, home of the Vancouver crowd.
  • The Barns, the Lynch family home, which are not located in Henrietta but on its outskirts.