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It was't that Henry was less himself in English.

He was less himself out loud. His native language was thought.

—Maggie Stiefvater about Henry Cheng; The Raven King, Page 266,

Henry Cheng is a Korean student at Aglionby Academy who is part of the Vancouver crowd. This is a group of Korean kids from Vancouver who attend Aglionby. In The Raven King Henry forms close bonds with both Richard Gansey III and Blue Sargent.

Biography Edit

He finds himself pretty infatuated with Gansey and his Magical men and wanting to be apart of that something more that they carry. Blue Sargent first meets Henry after she had been on a cruise date with Gansey. When Henry needs help with his car and sees Gansey drive by and is noticed by him, naturally Gansey stops to help out, Blue being in a little mood+a very strong-willed feminist+plus still recovering from her Raven Boy Prejudice, was extremely pissed when Henry made a light joke ( rich boy insensitive small talk) along with his very Aglionby car, face and how Gansey so easily shifted personalities to a 'fake gansey which Blue could of probably strangled'. Gansey, being the real people with real feelings deprived nerd he was, couldn't interpret Blues emotions justly and ended up offending her even more.

On later occasions there are more interactions between all three, where Blue begins to gradually soften small bits of her disdain for All Aglionby Boys (except her only friends which are all Aglionby Boys™)..And Henry invites them to a toga party at his place with his Vancouver crowd where Blue easily "sheds her prickly skin" and Henry promises to take Blue to Venezuela.Henry likes cheese burgers because Madonna likes them too. Bonds thicken, and Henry keeps and shares closely guarded secrets with Gansey, which builds certain walls of trust. Further through time Henry is more or less admitted into The Gangsey (the fan name for the group of Richard Gansey III, Noah Czerny, Ronan Lynch Adam Parrish, Blue Sargent and usually Henry Cheng) or at least until later a date, just the power threesome of himself, Blue and Gansey.

His mother (who calls herself Seondeok) collects dream items and gifted Henry with a robotic bee to keep him safe. He calls it RoboBee. RoboBee can be controlled by Henry's direct thoughts, and proves useful throughout The Raven King. When Henry was ten he was kidnapped by the Laumonier twins (Dangerous and competitive magical object dealers/collectors) for ransom and partly because they wanted robobee, he considers the experience traumatic and can fall victim to panic attacks (similar to Gansey and Anything faintly relating to bees/wasps/hornets) when put in related circumstances i.e dark small enclosed places.

Personality Edit

Henry has a dramatic flare, which is often evident in his conversations and gestures. He is sarcastic and witty, as seen in the nicknames he assigns people, especially Gansey, of whom Henry refers to as Dick III, Gansey Man, and President, to name a few. He likes to imitate his idol Madonna. He is good with words as in long complicated clever words but has large issues being able to express or simply be who he is inside.

Trivia Edit

  • He has a central role in the The Raven King.
  • He was always looking for something more
  • supposedly Henry/The Vancouver crowd listen to unknown K-pop (stuff like BANG BANG BANG), Opera, Hiphop & Eighties power ballads
  • Sarchengansey (Blue Sargent, Richard Gansey III & Henry Cheng) may be travelling to Venezuela in the future
  • He owns a Madonna shirt and underwear

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