It wasn't that Henry was less himself in English. He was less himself out loud. His native language was thought.

The Raven King, chapter 37

Henry Cheng
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Henry Cheng





Kind: Human

Student at Aglionby Academy (alum)


Litchfield House


Seondeok (mother)

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Henry Cheng is a Chinese/Korean student at Aglionby Academy who is part of the Vancouver crowd. In The Raven King Henry forms close bonds with both Richard Gansey III and Blue Sargent.

Biography Edit

Early life Edit

His mother, Seondeok, collects dream items and when he was a young child gifted Henry with a robotic bee to keep him safe. He calls it RoboBee. When Henry was ten, he was kidnapped by the Laumonier triplets for ransom and partly because they wanted RoboBee. He was put in a small hole. His parents were at the time in two different countries and instead of paying the ransom right away, his mother bargained with his captors in the effort so other people might not kidnap her children again. He was released after five days. Henry considers the experience traumatic and can fall victim to panic attacks (similar to Gansey and anything faintly relating to bees/wasps/hornets) when put in related circumstances i.e dark small enclosed places.

RoboBee can be controlled by Henry's direct thoughts and proves useful throughout The Raven King.

Aglionby Academy Edit

Henry is sent to Aglionby Academy so his mother will be able to do deals with magical artifacts with Declan Lynch without anyone suspecting so. When she needs to buy something from Declan, she visits Henry first and then does her business.

At Aglionby he is a part of the Vancouver crowd, a group of kids from Vancouver who lives at Litchfield House.

The Raven King Edit

He finds himself pretty infatuated with Gansey and his Magical men and wants to be part of that something more that they carry. Blue Sargent first meets Henry when she's on a cruise date with Gansey. Henry needs help with his car, and Gansey stops to help him. Blue is upset by Gansey's behavior around Henry, (she tells him that 'I don't like it when your voice sounds like that...Your fake voice.') Henry makes a joke about being 'raped by the locals', which Blue reacts badly to, and starts an argument with Gansey over. Gansey is very confused by this and probably ends up offending Blue even more.

On later occasions there are more interactions between all three. Henry invites Blue and Gansey to a toga party at his place with his Vancouver crowd where Blue warms to him more and gradually "sheds her prickly skin", and they end up agreeing to go to Venezuela together. Henry admits that he likes cheeseburgers because Madonna likes them.

Bonds thicken, and Henry keeps and shares closely guarded secrets with Gansey, which builds certain walls of trust. He tells Gansey about his kidnapping while they attend Raven Day at Aglionby. Henry shows him RoboBee. Further through time Henry is more or less admitted into Gansey's group of friends.

Personality Edit

Henry has a dramatic flare, which is often evident in his conversations and gestures. He is sarcastic and witty, as seen in the nicknames he assigns people, especially Gansey, whom Henry refers to as Dick III, Gansey Man, and President, to name a few. He likes to imitate his idol, Madonna. He is good with words—as in long, complicated and clever words—but has issues being able to express or simply be who he is inside.

Physical description Edit

Henry is described as having “gloriously and enormously spiked” pitch-black hair, sharp cheekbones and “wickedly cut” eyebrows.

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Trivia Edit

  • He was always looking for something more
  • Henry and the Vancouver crowd listen to K-pop, opera, hip-hop & eighties power ballads
  • He owns a Madonna shirt and underwear