Jesse Dittley
Biographical Information
Full name:

Jesse Dittley

Status: Deceased

Jessie (on 300 Fox Way's death list)




The Dittley Farm


Unknown wife
Unknown child

Physical Description
Gender: Male
Distinct feature/s:

Very tall

Jesse Dittley is a character that appears in Blue Lily, Lily Blue. His family owns the cave where Gwenllian was buried.

Every so often, the cave "demands" a sacrifice of a Dittley. Jesse, when introduced, was entirely ready to be the cave's next sacrifice. It at his daddy, and his daddy's daddy, and his daddy's daddy's daddy. It probably has no end.

Jesse was one of the spirits that appeared to Neeve during the church watch. His destiny is fulfilled when Piper Greenmantle shoots him.

Appearances Edit

Trivia Edit

  • He seems to eat exclusively Girl Scout cookies and Spaghettios.
  • He is quite versed in teas, offering Malory a choice between Earl Grey and Darjeeling.
  • He can see Noah and knows that Noah is dead.

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