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Matthew Lynch, is the youngest son of Niall Lynch and Aurora Lynch and younger brother to Declan and Ronan Lynch. He is mentioned in the first novel but does not make an appearance until the second. He stays at the dorms on the school grounds of Aglionby along with Declan, until Declan graduates and moves to D.C. sometime between the second and third books.


Matthew is not a biological child of the Lynch family, but is instead the product of Ronan's ability to bring objects (and people, obviously) from his dreams into reality. Ronan brought Matthew out when he was three, and is unaware for the first half of the series that Matthew came from his dreams.

Not a lot is said about Matthew in the first novel, only that he is one of the three Lynch brothers and that he asked Ronan's friends to come to church for Easter once.

He gets far more screentime in The Dream Thieves, in which he has multiple scenes with his brother(s). It is revealed that while Declan and Ronan do not get along at all with each other, both of them care for Matthew deeply, and he is the reason they attend church together every Sunday. Likewise, Matthew cares deeply for both of his brothers and never appears to take one side or the other in their feud.

Ronan is fiercely protective of Matthew and the climax of The Dream Thieves involves Ronan, Blue, and Gansey rescuing Matthew after he is kidnapped by Joseph Kavinsky, a drug-pushing delinquent who is obsessed with Ronan and can also take things from his dreams.

It was revealed in the third book (Blue Lily Lily Blue) that Matthew is in fact an accidental dream creature of Ronan's, much as Aurora Lynch is a dream creature of Niall Lynch's. After Declan informs Ronan of this fact, Ronan begins attempting to find a way to keep dream creatures and persons awake even after the death of their dreamer.

Personality Edit

Physical descriptionEdit

Matthew has curly blond hair and round, blue eyes, which are described as being more innocent-looking than the eyes of his two older brothers. He is a large kid, "a bear of a boy, square and solid and earnest", and he was pudgy as a child. Unlike Ronan and Declan, Matthew is often smiling or laughing.

Appearances Edit

Trivia Edit

  • He and Ronan made a secret handshake
  • He's the only person who can get away with calling Ronan pal
  • He has perfect teeth framed by a dimpled smile
  • He loves food of all varieties and quality
  • He wears a great deal of cologne to church
  • His ringtone is a song by Iglu & Hartly
  • Before his father died he took lessons in multiple instruments including the Irish bouzouki (at which he is said to have been reasonably good) and the organ (at which, according to Ronan, he was terrible).
  • Niall Lynch taught all of his sons to box, including Matthew
  • He plays lacrosse or "something sweaty"
  • Like his brothers, he loves cars
  • He keeps his room neat and free of clutter
  • After Declan moves to D.C., Matthew's roommate at Aglionby is a boy named Stephen Lee
  • Every line of his dialogue throughout the books is directed at Ronan

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