Maura Sargent
Biographical Information
Full name:

Maura Sargent

Age: 30's/40's
Status: Alive



Psychic reader at 300 Fox Way


300 Fox Way


Blue Sargent (daughter)
Jimi (sister)
Orla (niece)
Neeve (half-sister)


Mr. Gray (boyfriend)
Artemus (ex-lover)

Physical Description
Gender: Female
Hair color: Dark Brown
Eye color: Brown
Maura Sargent is a psychic who lives at 300 Fox Way with her relatives and friends. She is the mother of Blue Sargent


It is said that she grew up in a poor family in West Virginia, which left her with "a strong sense of self-reliance, a high tolerance for discomfort, and a black sense of humor".

Personality Edit

Maura is a really kind and loving mother. While she's there for Blue, she doesn't believe in giving direct orders and generally lets her make her own decisions. She is also described as having a prominent, often dark, sense of humor.

Physical descriptionEdit

Maura is described as a taller version of her daughter, with similar dark hair color. She usually wears her trademark tattered jeans and has a penchant for going barefoot.

Gallery Edit

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