There aren't terrible ideas... Just ideas done terribly.
Mr. Gray
Biographical Information
Full name:

Dean Allen




Mr. Gray
The Gray Man

Kind: Human

Hitman for Greenmantle (former)


300 Fox Way
Pleasant Valley Bed and Breakfast (former)
Boston (hometown)


Unnamed brother


Maura Sargent (girlfriend)

Physical Description


Hair color:

Ashy blonde

Eye color:


Mr. Gray, born Dean Allen, was introduced in The Dream Thieves as a hit man from searching for the mysterious Greywaren for his employer, Colin Greenmantle. He was tortured and abused by his older brother. Mr. Gray told Maura that when they were kids, his brother would make up new games that would hurt him.

After arriving in Henrietta and meeting Maura Sargent, he develops feelings for her and is faced with the decision to capture the Greywaren for his employer or to protect Ronan. He decides to help the Raven Boys, and tries to cut off his ties with Colin. In the end of The Dream Thieves, Mr. Gray's brother tracks him down. After leading him and several other hired minions of Greenmantle away from town, Mr. Gray finally confronts his brother and shoots him in the parking lot of a run down rest area.


He is said to have ashy blond hair and is rather tall and he has gray eyes. He is always wearing gray. He is described as quite good looking, in a mysterious sort of way.

Trivia Edit

  • He loves Maura Sargent.
  • He can speak in Old English.
  • He owns a pair of bell-bottoms and an orange disco shirt.
  • He knows a lot of poetry.
  • He has written books about medieval history.
  • He killed Niall Lynch with a tire iron, under the direction of Colin Greenmantle.
  • Mr. Gray likes listening to the Kinks.
  • He often has existential crises that he calls "Gray Days"
  • Shot and killed one of the Laumonier brothers/triplets