Niall Lynch
Biographical Information
Full name:

Niall T. Lynch

Status: Deceased



Dreamer and dealer of magical artifacts


The Barns


Aurora Lynch † (wife)
Declan Lynch (son)
Ronan Lynch (son)
Matthew Lynch (son)

Physical Description
Gender: Male
Hair color: Dark brown
Eye color: Blue

Niall Lynch is the father of Declan, Ronan and Matthew Lynch. He was murdered by the Gray Man, who was hired by Colin Greenmantle. He was also a Greywaren and is described as an absent father, but is still well-loved by his sons. He was skilled in the art of fighting, and shared the knowledge with his two elder sons. While he was quite close to Ronan before his death, his relationship with Declan appears to have been much more tenuous.

Biography Edit

Personality Edit

Physical description Edit

Niall is said to have "ferocious" eyes (one the color of "promise" and the other of "a secret") and the "widest smile in the world". He is described as looking like Ronan by Colin Greenmantle, the Gray Man, and Adam Parrish. Also, like an asshole (according to Colin Greenmantle).

Appearances Edit

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