Biographical Information
Full name:


Status: Alive

Orphan Girl


Dream creature (by Ronan Lynch)


The Barns, Henrietta, Virginia


Ronan Lynch (father figure)

Physical Description
Gender: Female
Hair color: Blonde
Eye color: Dark blue
Distinct feature/s:


Opal, often referred to as Orphan Girl, is a dream creature brought to life by Ronan Lynch.

Personality Edit

She is often said to be the female equivalent to Ronan but seems to be distressed and scared easily. She appears to be quite self-assured, frequently describing herself as "excellent." She is whimsical and playful, and enjoys frolicking with Ronan's other dream things.

Physical descriptionEdit

Opal is described as very small and childlike. She wears a tattered and manky oversized fisherman's sweater and a white skullcap. Her hair is fashioned into a honey blonde pixie-cut. She has hooves instead of feet, like some kind of female satyr or faun.

Relationships Edit

Ronan Lynch Edit

Opal was dreamt from Ronan's head, giving them a very close bond. They have a dynamic similar to, but not exactly like a father and daughter. They are very similar and it is speculated that since Ronan did create Opal, she is almost like a younger, stranger part of him. This is evident both in Opal's personality and her love for Adam.

Adam Parrish Edit

Opal loves Adam dearly, and is often found happier and more playful in his presence. She enjoys simply being around him, even admitting that she would like to watch him sleep.

Appearances Edit