In dreams, Ronan was always getting into trouble, and even though he often died, equally as often Opal saved him because she was an excellent dream thing and a psychopomp (which is the proper name for an excellent dreamthing)

—Opal: A Raven Cycle Story

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Orphan Girl

Kind: Psychopomp, dream creature
Creator: Ronan Lynch

The Barns
Cabeswater (former)
Ronan's Dreamscape (former)


Ronan Lynch (dreamer)

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Dark blue

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Opal, often referred to as Orphan Girl, is an "excellent" dream creature brought to life by Ronan Lynch. She is a psychopomp, with the ability to change aspects of the dream or convince Cabeswater to intervene on his behalf, and her presence in his dreams made it easier for him to pull things out.

Personality Edit

As an ageless companion within Ronan's dreams she originally was described as timid and wary. Existing in a world frequented by night horrors and having witnessed Ronan's death thousands she often speaks of caution in the dream, warning him of things like hornets and cheating or other behaviors that will summon nightmares. often times pleading with the Greywaren to take her with him just before he would wake up. 

This constant fear is initially carried over into the real world but doesn't last long after the events of The Raven King. Once the threat of being unmade is passed she begins to settle down, becoming bolder and more independant, if not more stubborn of and troublesome. She is curious and inquisitive, wanting to observe and know all about this new animal word but lacking certain traits such as lust or shame because Ronan never dreamed her to have them, causing her to act in ways that most people wouldn't, or do things such as eating the 'trash harvest' when the BMW is cleaned out or drinking windshield washing fluid. At one point Ronan laments that she's become 'feral', while Adam corrects him, pointing out that she was never tame to begin with.

Because of her abilities to control dreams and to a degree Cabeswater she considers herself a higher caliber of dream creature. She also still carries a deeply ingrained fear of the things that Ronan dreams, still wary of potential nightmares. Once she realizes they are safe she often delights in them, but the sound of the 'dream fuzz' makes her uneasy.

Physical descriptionEdit

When Ronan had first dreamt her she'd had long, honey blonde hair that changed after a few years to a close cropped pixie cut hidden under a white skullcap. Her only other clothing is an oversized white fishermans sweater, and rubber boots that Ronan makes her wear at times once she's out in the real world to hide the hooves she has instead of feet. Ronan thinks she has the same sort of forlorn, orphan look of laborers from old black and white photos of New York City, hence the original nickname of 'Orphan Girl'. She has a child like build and stature that does not physically age despite having been his dream companion since he was a young boy.  She admits to Adam when he asks her that she won't grow any bigger then she is now.

Relationships Edit

Ronan Lynch Edit

In Ronan's dreamscape she served as a guide and companion to him, trying to keep him safe from nightmares and chiding him about cheating and stealing from dreams. Once removed from the dream, however, their roles have reversed. Now he is the one having to teach her how to survive a life of 'animalness' while protecting her from those who could do her harm. In the real world their personalities often clash and they often seem to frustrate each other. But when it comes down to it both are extremely protective of each other.

Aurora Lynch Edit

When first removed from the dream she was taken to Ronan's mother to live in Cabeswater where she would be safe from the outside world. Despite her initial resistance to staying there Opal was able to form somewhat of a bond with her in the brief time they were together, and the girl wailed over Aurora in grief when she discovered she had been unmade. 

Adam Parrish Edit

Adam is able to recognize her fear in the real world as a result of her original nightmare enviroment. From his own abusive history he is able to use that shared pain as a bridge to help her realize that the real world is not such a scary place. Because of this, or because of Ronan's own love for Adam, Opal loves Adam dearly, especially when he is sad or deep in thought. She is saddened at the thought that he will someday die, as all creatures with "animalness" must do. She is especially afraid of him leaving the Barns for college because of this.

Chainsaw Edit

Opal greatly dislikes Chainsaw, who she views as a lesser dream creature and sometimes considers eating her. It's debated if this is akin to a type of 'sibling rivalry' involving jealousy at the way the raven is treated differently (ex: Chainsaw is allowed to call Ronan "Kerah" and she isn't, because one has a beak and the other has a mouth and knowledge of words) or if it is just general disdain for dream creatures unlike herself. 

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