Biographical Information
Full name:

Orla (Sargent?)

Age: 21
Status: Alive



Psychic reader at 300 Fox Way
Student at Mountain View High School (alum)


300 Fox Way


Jimi (mother)
Maura Sargent (aunt)
Blue Sargent (cousin)

Physical Description
Gender: Female
Hair color: Brown
Orla is a psychic who lives at 300 Fox Way. She is the daughter of Jimi, the cousin of Blue Sargent, and the niece of Maura Sargent.

Biography Edit


Personality Edit

Orla appears to be particularly social, demonstrated through her knowledge of Blue's school life, which she acquires through her contact with elder siblings and the like. She is rather brash and a little blunt too. She appears, overall, well meaning.

Physical descriptionEdit

Orla has a long deep brown elegant neck, classic cheekbones, heavy-lidded eyes and a large nose, which she does not like. She is tall and thin, with dark brown skin. Orla paints her nails with a large variety of colors and elaborate patterns. She often wears 70s fashion, including bell bottoms and clogs, and frequently wears bright orange.


Blue SargentEdit

Blue is Orla's cousin, and the two grew up together. They are shown as having a sibling-like relationship, arguing and bickering often, though Orla shows great concern for Blue's personal well-being, and attempts to distance her from the emotional trauma losing the boys will present. They demonstrate clear affection for one another. 


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