Ten dollars, Orla. That was the bet. No, the caller ID doesn't say anything at all. See? Sorry about that I'm terrible when there's competition involved. You're the Coco-Cola T-shirt one, right?

—Persephone, to Adam when he phoned for Blue

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Persephone Poldma



Kind: Psychic

Psychic reader at 300 Fox Way


300 Fox Way

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Persephone Poldma was an Estonian psychic who lived at 300 Fox Way. She was good friends Maura Sargent and Calla, as well as Blue Sargent, and the other assorted women of the household.


Past Edit

Persephone knew Maura Sargent and Calla for a many years; before Maura and Artemus' daughter, Blue, had even been born. Eventually, she moved into 300 Fox Way with them; their home quickly expanded with fellow female psychics, some friends, some family.

Blue Lily, Lily Blue Edit

After Adam's pact with Cabeswater, Persephone begins teaching him how to control his newfound powers, and explore his status as a "magician". Often, the meaning of her lessons are difficult to discern; however, there is always a purpose. When Gansey, Ronan, Adam, and Blue find Gwenllian in Jesse Dittley's cave, and bring her to 300 Fox Way, it is Persephone that convinces Calla to let the eccentric woman stay, giving her a place in the attic.

Days later, Adam and Persephone meet at an old general store, on the outskirts of Henrietta. While Adam pries for information on Maura, Persephone is vague and elusive. She begins telling him about the power the number three holds, and reveals to him that she had hoped he might be able to "replace" Maura, in Persephone and Calla's psychic trinity; however, Adam insists that he would never be able to. As Adam grows more frustrated with Persephone, she hands him three dollars, sending him into the store to buy her a soda. When he returns, she is gone; he asks the clerk if if she had seen anyone leave, however, she replies that there was no one with him, to begin with.

Adam returns to 300 Fox Way, and—with the help of Calla and Blue—scries to find Persephone's location, discovering that it is the highest point in the house. The three rush to the attic; however, they find Persephone in a crumpled heap between Neeve's mirrors, dead. They assume that she was trying to scry for Maura's location—an act which, ultimately, cost her her life.

Later, Persephone's death is "all over" the newspapers in Henrietta; the women of 300 Fox Way discover that her surname was, "Poldma", and Blue remarks that they did not even know that about her.


She is a very quiet person. She is seen as "odd", because her personality reflects youthfulness, as well as great wisdom and age. She is often a mediating force among the women of 300 Fox Way. 

Physical descriptionEdit

She has a large "cloud" of pale blonde hair, which reaches the back of her thighs in length. She normally wears dresses, "elaborate, frothy creations or quizzical smocks", paired with plaid tights or crocheted leggings. The irises of her eyes are a "true mirror" of black, with her pupils "hidden" in darkness. After Adam begins working with her, and becomes balanced with the ley line, he realizes that her ‘black’ is actually a reflection of all colors, that her eyes aren’t black at all.

Appearances Edit


  • She needs loud music and snacks to work on her P.h.D. thesis.
  • She hates high-pitched, loud sounds.
  • She knits, having made both Blue and Gwenllian a sweater.
  • She makes alcoholic drinks with too much vodka, because her hand always "slips". "Russian" (actually Estonian) heritage.