Piper Greenmantle
Biographical Information
Full name:

Piper Greenmantle



Kind: Collector

Magical artifacts collector


Henrietta, Virginia
Back Bay, Boston (former)


Colin Greenmantle † (husband)
Laumonier (father/uncle's)

Physical Description


Hair color:


Piper Greenmantle was the wife of Colin Greenmantle. She was introduced in Blue Lily, Lily Blue and appeared in The Raven King.

Biography Edit

Not much is known about Piper's early life, except that she most likely is originally from Boston like her husband Colin or at least lives there with him.

Personality Edit

Piper had been very driven, headstrong, and determined. She thought little of other people's feelings/opinions and could act very irrationally. Like her husband, she was also very vain. She was also shown to be sociable (attending many group activities such as yoga and a book club) and had a deep interest in supernatural objects. She was shown to enjoy action films. She wasn't afraid to get her hands dirty, unlike her husband Colin, and had been ultimately the bigger threat.

Physical description Edit

Piper had blonde hair and was very attractive. She had an affinity for the color pink and frequently wore clothing and makeup of that coloring.

Relationships Edit

Colin Greenmantle Edit

“Will you marry me?” she asked. He thought about it. “I love myself the most, though. Are you okay with always coming in second?” “Samesies,” she replied

—Piper proposing to Colin

Piper was married to Colin Greenmantle, the main antagonist in Blue Lily, Lily Blue. Everything supernatural that Colin obtained was for her. Piper was the stronger figure in the relationship and had been willing to do what Colin would not. She called him names, attempted to stab him, and bossed him around; Colin did not seem to particularly mind any of this, choosing to either ignore her or remove himself from the situation if he feels uncomfortable. The only time in the book that he expressed true anger or regret about being with Piper is after she shot someone in front of him.

Appearances Edit