Biographical Information
Full name:


Status: Asleep (after Kavinsky's death)



Dream creature (by Joseph Kavinsky)
Human (former)


Student at Aglionby Academy (until Kavinsky's death)

Physical Description
Gender: Male

Prokopenko is a member of Kavinsky's Pack of Dogs. He is a dream creature, and it is assumed he was alive and human before he was a dream creature. How he died is not confirmed. It is possible this death occured sometime at the beginning of or right before The Raven Boys, evidence given by the paragraph where Prokopenko is in the car with Kavinsky. Prokopenko is said to have always been seen in close proximity to Kavinsky, but had 'recently attained official crony status'. This scene and Kavinsky's substance party are Prokopenko's only appearances in all 4 four books. He drives a Golf that matches Swan's.

Appearance Edit

Prokopenko is described as having ears like wingnuts, which means that his ears are large. He also has uneven shoulders.

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