“Ronan didn't need physics. He could intimidate even a piece of plywood into doing what he wanted.”

—- Adam about Ronan

Ronan Lynch
Maggie Ronan 02
Biographical Information
Full name:

Ronan Niall Lynch

Age: 18 (as of TRK)
Status: Alive

The snake (by Calla)
The Greywaren
Soldier boy


The Greywaren


Student at Aglionby Academy (alum)


The Barns
Monmouth Manufacturing (former)


Niall Lynch † (father)
Aurora Lynch † (mother)
Declan Lynch (brother)
Matthew Lynch (brother)
Opal (daughter/ward)


Adam Parrish (boyfriend)

Physical Description
Gender: Male
Hair color: Dark brown
Eye color: Blue
Ronan Lynch is a student at Aglionby Academy. He is the son of Niall Lynch and Aurora Lynch. He is the Greywaren, capable of bringing items out of his dreams, like his pet raven named Chainsaw. He has an elder brother, Declan, and a younger brother, Matthew.

Ronan has three friends at Aglionby: Richard Gansey, Adam Parrish, and Noah Czerny. Ronan later befriends Blue Sargent. He lives in Monmouth Manufacturing with Gansey and Noah.


After the traumatic event of finding his father brutally murdered in the driveway of their family home, the Barns, Ronan and his brothers are prohibited from ever returning, even to visit their mysteriously comatose mother. Ronan currently lives in Monmouth Manufacturing with Gansey and Noah. He drives his father's old BMW, frequently using it for drag racing. Before his father's death, he was a different person - while little is said about his personality then, it is suggested that he was a gentler and less vicious person and that finding his father's body traumatized him. 

Personality Edit

Ronan is "dangerous" and confrontational, rarely attempting to filter his words. He doesn't seem to care much about hurting others feelings. He is secretive and prone to hostility, even among his friends. Even though he appears apathetic and irritable, he demonstrates his compassionate and loving nature throughout the series through his affection for his friends and his family. He doesn't believe his education will aid him in the future and generally skips classes aside from Latin, which he excels in, and has no plans to ad college after graduation. He joined the search to find Glendower when he met Gansey, having no trouble committing himself to the search as a result of his own impossible existence as a Greywaren. He can also be described as perpetually angry and gay.

Before his father's death, according to Gansey, he was a completely different person. He is suggested to be a loving individual plagued by his abilities, the circumstances surrounding his father's death, and his relationships with his brothers. When Adam is being beaten by his father, Robert Parrish, after getting dropped off by Ronan, Ronan returns to defend him by fighting his friend's abuser. When the police arrive, Adam decides to press charges against his father, realizing that Ronan defended him and that he would be kicked out of Aglionby, and Monmouth Manufacturing--as a result--if he was arrested. This fosters a better relationship between the two boys; following the incident, Ronan goes to the library to study for an exam out of respect to Adam, knowing that he sacrificed his family and everything he knew to keep him from being arrested. Adam gains respect for Ronan for coming to his defense.

In The Dream Thieves, when Aglionby's tuition is raised, he convinces the landlord of Adam's apartment to accept his own money to cover the extra cost and tell Adam that his rent has been lowered by a tax reassessment. He knows that Adam is barely scraping by as it is and that the additional cost would be too much to handle on top of his other problems. He mentions that Adam has appeared in his dreams, and has what is reminiscent of a strange dream of Adam touching his bare back. He notices the changes in Adam following his sacrifice to Cabeswater, finding him "stronger, stranger, farther away" than before. it is implied that he fears for Adam, either as a result of his ties with Cabeswater or association with Ronan himself; in another dream, Adam wears a mask of Niall's and turns into a monster, attacking Ronan, and starts to bleed out when Ronan removes it. Later, in the group's first trip to the Barns since his father's death, Adam tries to look at the real mask on the wall and Ronan violently intervenes by grabbing his arm. By the end of the novel, Adam reveals that he knows Ronan is the one who covered his rent, unnerving Ronan, and it is suggested that this is when Adam discovers Ronan's feelings for him. Ronan reveals that Adam is "his second secret" - in other words, his crush.
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In Blue Lily, Lily Blue, the relationship between Ronan and Adam continues to develop and improve to the point where Gansey picks up on their changing relationship and regards it with suspicion. Throughout the novel, Adam is exposed to more of Ronan through their interactions, realizing that he barely knew him at all and witnessing his softer, more compassionate side. Ronan visits Adam at work to give him lotion made in Cabeswater, noting his cracked skin, which Adam is implied to be using. Adam reveals his knowledge of Ronan's crush, finding it flattering to the point where he doubts it can be true that Ronan could like him when he could like anyone else. Ronan takes Adam to the Barns to show him the objects he has been creating to combat the lifeless state of his father's dream things; he carries out these experiments with such fervor that Adam discovers that Ronan is also trying to prevent his brother Matthew's demise upon his own death, revealing that Matthew is one of his dream things. Adam asks Ronan to help him set up Colin Greenmantle so that he will leave Henrietta by conjuring evidence that he committed criminal acts of murder and possibly pedophilia against children—dreaming these events upsets Ronan to the point of his night horrors arriving, and he dreams a double of himself for them to kill. Adam, who used his connection with Cabeswater to show Ronan an image of Greenmantle's phone, wakes up to discover the double's body and believes that it is the real Ronan. Ronan reveals his survival by talking—echoing the same words Adam hears in his vision from Cabeswater—and is disgusted with the work he's done and by allowing Adam to witness the damage it's caused, seeing that Adam is unnerved by his dead double. Later, they go together to Greenmantle's home to deliver an envelope of the evidence, effectively chasing him out. By the end of the novel, Ronan and Adam become partners in Cabeswater, working together to clear a cave in pursuit of Blue's mother and demonstrating a closer relationship than ever.

Finally, throughout The Raven King Ronan and Adam take it up a notch. Ronan is quite aware that his feelings for Adam are getting much stronger. And Adam is also showing more signs of being attracted to him -- describing him in depth, noting this speech, reading his expressions, paying attention to little details that we don't see from anyone else's perspective, et cetera -- so we are lead to believe that somewhere in the book they become an official couple. Ronan seems to be able to handle much more intense situations, and follow his heart, while also making decent decisions. 

According to Stiefvater, he is a Scorpio.  

Physical descriptionEdit


Ronan, drawn by Maggie Stiefvater

Ronan is tall and thin, with dark brown hair and blue eyes. He has a sharp Roman nose and a thin mouth. He is handsome, and is said to look like his father.  

He tends to wear black muscle tees, expensive jeans, and occasionally leather jackets or tanks. He always wears five knotted leather bands on his wrist and spent nearly $900 on a tattoo to piss off Declan. The tattoo is a black, twisting Celtic knot featuring many images from Ronan's recurring dreams. Gansey mentions noticing new images every time he sees the tattoo. In the book trailer by Stiefvater, Ronan is shown to be light skinned. Stiefvater describes him as Irish.


  • BMW car: Ronan stole his father's car after he found his father dead, dragged from the car. It's shark-nosed, in a charcoal-grey colour.
  • Chainsaw: A raven that Ronan brought out of his dreams.

Relationships Edit

Adam Parrish Edit

Adam and Ronan are friends though it is in The Dream Thieves that it is revealed that Ronan considers Adam his 'second secret', and has romantic feelings toward him. Ronan saved Adam from his father's attack in the first book. During Blue Lily, Lily Blue, Adam and Ronan grow closer together, and it is hinted that Adam may reciprocate Ronan's feelings. Gansey notices them spending more time together. In the final book, The Raven King, Ronan describes himself to be in love with Adam—and aware that the latter knows this. He kisses Adam in his childhood bedroom, and Adam kisses him again on the porch of The Barns. They acknowledge each other's feelings for each other by the end of the book and begin dating.

Gansey Edit

Gansey was the first person to become friends with Ronan at Aglionby. They have been friends the longest of the Raven Boys. In The Raven Boys and throughout the series, it is implied they think of one another as brothers. Both suffer from insomnia and occasionally spend time together when neither can sleep. 

Noah Czerny Edit

Noah and Ronan are friends, and Ronan is not as troubled about the fact that Noah is dead as the others. At the end of The Raven Boys Ronan writes remembered onto the dirty window of Noah's abandoned car, after it is found out that he is a ghost. He throws Noah out a window in The Dream Thieves because he knows that it won't hurt him. They are like brothers and care about each other deeply.

Blue Sargent Edit

Blue found Ronan intimidating within the first moments of their meeting and was noted to have an ambition to earn his approval: "She realized, again, that she was trying to impress Ronan only because he was impossible to impress," and "there was something about his antagonism that made her want to court his favor, to earn his approval." Ronan and Blue's relationship grows deeply and they both care for each other, though they typically communicate through sarcasm.

Declan Lynch Edit

Declan and Ronan, despite being brothers, are very hostile toward one another, and are constantly getting into arguments and physical fights. In The Raven King, it is revealed that the brothers truly care for each other, and Ronan gives Declan the ORBMASTER, a dream thing that can turn into glowing lights.

Matthew Lynch Edit

Matthew is Ronan's younger brother. It is revealed that Matthew was dreamt by Ronan and he searches for ways to keep Matthew animated after Ronan's own eventual death. 

Joseph Kavinsky Edit

Kavinsky and Ronan share several secrets. Kavinsky is Ronan's abuser. He drugs and manipulates Ronan before kidnapping Ronan's brother. Kavinsky is also the one who teaches Ronan how to 'steal' from his dreams. Kavinsky eventually confronts Ronan about "swinging that way". He also bullies Ronan about his sexuality. In TDT, even at a point asks if Gansey and Ronan are a couple. Ronan calls Kavinsky "K" before he dies.  

Appearances Edit

Gallery Edit

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